Got 3D Glasses?

Red and Cyan 3d Glasses

Through Stereoscopy, we can view flat images and turn them looking like 3-dimensional objects. This system allows us to trick human eyes giving the images an illusion of depth. One method to create this illusion is by using 3d glasses.

A very common type of 3d glasses is the red and blue glasses. How does it work? There are two images being displayed on the screen, one in red and the other in blue. Through the blue and red filters of the glasses, each eye will receive one of the images, making our brain perceive only one image in 3d. These days, the red and blue glasses are not used anymore for movie theaters. Instead, we use these as an alternative to watch 3d movies and videos at home.

Here’s a video by Keiichi Matsuda and several 3d images using the Stereoscopy technique. Don’t forget to wear your red and blue 3d glasses!

(You can also watch the video in youtube for more 3d options.)

It’s better to view the photos in their full sizes. Click the images for a larger view.

3d Image - 1

3d Image - 2

3d Image - 3

3d Image - 4

3d Image - 5

3d Image - 6

3d Image - 7

3d Image - 8

3d Image - 9

3d Image - 10


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