Illustration Friday #8 “Racing”

Illustration Friday’s theme for this week is “Racing”. Running events are all around the country these days. It’s good that people now are more involved in healthy activities like running. I’ve tried joining one year ago, and I’m hoping to participate again in the future.

Illustration Friday #8 "Racing"

“Racing” - Vector work in Illustrator

Illustration Friday #7 “Spooky”

Since it’s the spooky month of October, let’s keep the terror coming! It’s all about “Spooky” things in this week’s Illustration Friday.

The mythical creature in this illustration is called an Aswang. Aswang is a generic term used in Philippine mythology for supernatural beings like manananggals (half-body of a human, with bat-like wings), witches, shapeshifters, and lycanthropes. These creatures are described as having an ordinary human body by day, then transforming into a monstrous creature (usually animals) at night.

Illustration Friday #7 "Spooky"

“Spooky” Vector work in Illustrator

Illustration Friday #6 “Transportation”

This week’s Illustration Friday is all about Transportation. I would love to try riding a hot air balloon, with the sweet, cold wind blowing, and the hot rays of the sun shining on millions of houses and creatures below; that would be fun.

Illustration Friday #6 "Transportation"

“Transportation” - vector work in Illustrator