Illustration Friday #15 “Winter”

Christmas is over, but the winter season is still around. In some parts of the globe, roads, houses, trees, cars and everything else outside are all covered with snow (well, not where I live).

It’s all about winter in this week’s Illustration Friday.

Illustration Friday #15 "Winter"

“Winter” - Digital work in Illustrator

IF Winter - sketch


Illustration Friday #14 “Mail”

Receiving a package is such a delight, very much like receiving a gift. It gives a feeling of excitement even though, more often than not, you actually know what’s in it. First thing to do? Shake the box to feel what’s inside.

Illustration Friday’s theme for this week is “Mail”.

Contain yourselves, there’s still a day to go before opening your Christmas presents. Happy Holidays!

Illustration Friday 14 "Mail"

“Mail”- Digital work in Illustrator

"Mail" - Sketch


Better World Books

Better World Books package

Better World Books package

After 15 days of eagerly waiting, my package from Better World Books finally arrived this morning. Better World Books ships for free worldwide. They promote the reduction of carbon footprint, thus, orders are shipped carbon neutral through

Better World Books collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. With more than six million new and used titles in stock, we’re a self-sustaining, triple-bottom-line company that creates social, economic and environmental value for all our stakeholders.

**Update: Since the 2nd semester of 2011, I started receiving my orders from BWB after a month or so. Apparently, the orders are being held by the customs so I have to claim my package in the post office. Plus, I have to pay Php40.00 for the tax.

Anyway, I got the Handcrafted CSS Video Edition by Dan Cederholm with Ethan Marcotte, so the book comes with a DVD. This should keep me busy this yuletide season aside from family gatherings, celebrations, and what not. Dan Cederholm wrote other books as well including: CSS3 for Designers, Bulletproof Web Design, and Web Standards Solutions.

Handcrafted CSS Video edition by Dan Cederholm with Ethan Marcotte

Handcrafted CSS Video edition by Dan Cederholm with Ethan Marcotte

Handcrafted CSS DVD

Handcrafted CSS DVD

Read a thorough review of Handcrafted CSS at