Illustration Friday #16 “Resolutions”

A new year has come again, and with fingers crossed, most people just came up with their list of resolutions to start the year. I am not fond of making resolutions for myself, but I’m hoping to do further acts of kindness for our struggling environment through little things like reducing (more) the use of plastic bags and even paper bags. I don’t really want to experience more rage from the Blue Planet in the next decade or so, hence let’s save the earth in our own simple ways.

This week’s Illustration Friday is all about resolutions. What are your resolutions for this year?

Illustration Friday #16 "Resolutions"

“Resolutions” - Digital work in Illustrator

Illustration Friday #15 “Winter”

Christmas is over, but the winter season is still around. In some parts of the globe, roads, houses, trees, cars and everything else outside are all covered with snow (well, not where I live).

It’s all about winter in this week’s Illustration Friday.

Illustration Friday #15 "Winter"

“Winter” - Digital work in Illustrator

IF Winter - sketch


Illustration Friday #14 “Mail”

Receiving a package is such a delight, very much like receiving a gift. It gives a feeling of excitement even though, more often than not, you actually know what’s in it. First thing to do? Shake the box to feel what’s inside.

Illustration Friday’s theme for this week is “Mail”.

Contain yourselves, there’s still a day to go before opening your Christmas presents. Happy Holidays!

Illustration Friday 14 "Mail"

“Mail”- Digital work in Illustrator

"Mail" - Sketch