Rainy Days

There are only two seasons in a tropical country like the Philippines, the dry season and the wet season. I’m loving the cold weather lately. It’s a lot harder to wake up on days like these. The rainy season would be over soon, so I better enjoy it!

Dip pen holders, Pen nibs, India ink

Dip pen holders, Pen nibs, India ink

By the way, I visited the art store last weekend and purchased dip pens and a bottle of India ink. I’m enjoying using them so far for my ink works. It’s quite difficult though to use them at first. Having these new tools makes me think of learning Calligraphy. I’ll find time for that. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve done for the week.

Rainy Season 1 - illustration

“Rainy Season 1” - ink, watercolor, watercolor paper

Rainy Season 2

“Rainy Season 2” - ink, watercolor, watercolor paper

Summer Season 1

“Summer Season 1” - ink, watercolor, watercolor paper

Summer Season 2

“Summer Season 2” - ink, watercolor, marker pens, watercolor paper

Going Back to Traditional Art

Since people got a taste of technology, it has evolved into something extraordinary that the first humans on earth did not even imagine would happen. With the development of computers and loads of software, some artists have engaged themselves into doing art the digital way. Since I have been one of them for a couple of years already, I decided to start re-uniting with traditional art. Although I do sketch a lot, I would love to do something more than that.

I never enjoyed drawing using marker pens. My right hand is not too stable to create lines perfectly, the way I want them to look on my paper. Just this month, I gave it a try again and I think I have finally obtained some fondness for the medium I was never comfortable using. Well, it all boils down to the saying that practice makes perfect. Although my right hand is still not too stable for perfect lines, I have managed to draw something I’m satisfied with.

I found these really fantastic marker pens from Letraset called Tria markers. It has three tips, a fine point, chisel, and a brush tip. I specially love using the brush tip. It glides along the surface really smoothly and it provides high quality results. I also purchased Faber-Castell pens to play with.

Marker Pens

Black marker pens, Letraset gray-hued Tria markers

Faber-Castell Colour Pens

Faber-Castell Colour Pens

Here are some of the artworks I made. I used ordinary black markers for the lines, the Tria markers for the gray hues, the colorful Faber-Castell pens, watercolor for some of the backgrounds, and watercolor paper.

Prang Watercolor

Prang Watercolor

Mermaid - illustration

Friends - illustration

I Wish - illustration

Angry Caterpillar - illustration

Thus, my marker pen fiasco ends. I am definitely doing more artworks of this kind.