Quote: “Do What You Love…”

I haven’t painted for quite a while. I was browsing through art blogs the other day, I got inspired and felt like painting. It was time to finally pick up my paintbrushes and do a quick project.

Whenever I come across an inspiring quote that I really like, I write it down on my tiny sketchbook. I tried painting one of those quotes and here it is!

Do What You Love and Tomorrow Will Pay the Rent

“Do What You Love and Tomorrow Will Pay the Rent”, watercolor painting

Illustration Friday #5 “Old-fashioned”

One aspect of life constantly changing is fashion. Not just because of its root word, I guess a whole lot of you would agree that fashion would best represent this week’s Illustration Friday theme “Old-fashioned”.

I accidentally messed up the ink here. I always tend to forget to keep avoiding the wet ink. Here it is anyway.

Illustration Friday #5 "Old-fashioned"

“Old-fashioned” ink and watercolor on watercolor paper

Rainy Days

There are only two seasons in a tropical country like the Philippines, the dry season and the wet season. I’m loving the cold weather lately. It’s a lot harder to wake up on days like these. The rainy season would be over soon, so I better enjoy it!

Dip pen holders, Pen nibs, India ink

Dip pen holders, Pen nibs, India ink

By the way, I visited the art store last weekend and purchased dip pens and a bottle of India ink. I’m enjoying using them so far for my ink works. It’s quite difficult though to use them at first. Having these new tools makes me think of learning Calligraphy. I’ll find time for that. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve done for the week.

Rainy Season 1 - illustration

“Rainy Season 1” - ink, watercolor, watercolor paper

Rainy Season 2

“Rainy Season 2” - ink, watercolor, watercolor paper

Summer Season 1

“Summer Season 1” - ink, watercolor, watercolor paper

Summer Season 2

“Summer Season 2” - ink, watercolor, marker pens, watercolor paper

Amazing Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-2

I came across this article from Kronikle featuring the sculptures of artist Dalton Ghetti. I use pencils a lot, for drawing of course, but artist Dalton Ghetti would usually use these to make sculptures. His pencil sculptures are really mind-blowing works of art, carefully crafted, which took him years to master. I especially love the sculptures with hanging pieces.

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-1

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-3

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-4

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-5

You can check out more of his works on the following sites:

Keep It Fresh

Weekend’s here again. Time flies too fast, which means we should really make use of our time wisely. Anyway, I think it’s time to revamp the site a little bit. Check out the new header and the new background (This is actually just a monochrome version of my twitter background.). Here’s a little artwork too to close the week. Cheers!

Fresh Grass - illustration

“Fresh Grass” - 4.5” x 6” watercolor paper; marker pens; watercolor