Amazing Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-2

I came across this article from Kronikle featuring the sculptures of artist Dalton Ghetti. I use pencils a lot, for drawing of course, but artist Dalton Ghetti would usually use these to make sculptures. His pencil sculptures are really mind-blowing works of art, carefully crafted, which took him years to master. I especially love the sculptures with hanging pieces.

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-1

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-3

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-4

Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti-5

You can check out more of his works on the following sites:

13 thoughts on “Amazing Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

  1. Talk about patience! I love that he used all these different coloured pencils and wore them down to the stub for the alphabet series. Mind-blowing indeed!

  2. I saw these and my jaw absolutely DROPPED. They are incredible, and I really appreciate his attention to the tiniest of details (Elvis’ sunglasses?)/


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