Illustration Friday #14 “Mail”

Receiving a package is such a delight, very much like receiving a gift. It gives a feeling of excitement even though, more often than not, you actually know what’s in it. First thing to do? Shake the box to feel what’s inside.

Illustration Friday’s theme for this week is “Mail”.

Contain yourselves, there’s still a day to go before opening your Christmas presents. Happy Holidays!

Illustration Friday 14 "Mail"

“Mail”- Digital work in Illustrator

"Mail" - Sketch


Illustration Friday #13 “Phenomenon”

It would be phenomenal if there are real superheroes with real super powers. That means the criminals would turn into super villains too.

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is Phenomenon.

Illustration Friday 13 "Phenomenon"

“Phenomenon” - Digital work in Illustrator

Illustration Friday #13 "Phenomenon" sketch


Illustration Friday #10 “Afterwards”

It’s been more than a week since Halloween. I know it’s late already, but here’s something I made for the fun and creepy holiday of the year. For the “Afterwards” theme at Illustration Friday, here’s what happens after a trick-or-treat activity in the neighborhood. What else would the little kids do but enjoy the tons of candies they earned for the night.

Illustration Friday #10 "Afterwards"

“Afterwards” - Vector work in Illustrator